Monday, November 27, 2006

Whoever said keeping a blog was easy, obviously never kept one.
I wish I were a clever writer with the ability to dazzle you all with witty banter and little an-ecdotal stories, which one could add to one’s coffers of life knowledge. But since that’s not going to happen, here is a look at 2 prints I did for the DCTO launch planned for early next year.

Also, I’m designing some wallpapers based on the DCTO: Jibun project and CHOCOLATE SOOP themes, so let me know what screen resolution you are running and I’ll try and put a selection of the most common ratios up for download.

Back soon with another update...



MGBEERS said...

Its very hard to find dual screen resolution wallpapers, so that would be cool, since that's what I need. I love the latest designs you just put up too! :-)
Resolution 2560x1024

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool! The green print is nice
Wheres the release gonna be?



MGBEERS: I'm rocking the duals as well so I will make sure that I try to come up with some designs that either look good side by side or spans the full meal deal.

Spoopy: Thx. As for the release, no location has been decided on yet. Should have a better idea in Jan.