Friday, August 10, 2007


Fred Lo of CANADA and Alice Matthews of AUSTRALIA

to the 2 winners of the DCTO SDCC'07 Toy Qube colourway 'Ghost'

A big thanks to everyone that signed up for the giveaway. There are a lot more contests coming in the near future. So stay tuned CHOCOLATIERS. New uber limit custom colourways, new paint designs, collaboratins, prints, and lots more Chocolaty Zensations...

Back at you soon


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1 down, 1 to go...

1 of the winners of a signed DCTO 'Ghost" colourway has claimed their prize.

The other selected person failed to respond in the allotted time. This leaves 1 spot open.
I've selected another name and sent an email with a new 48hour deadline of 18:00PST Friday 10th 2007.
So check your mail to see if you're a winner.



Monday, August 06, 2007

'Ghost' WINNERS selected.

An e-mail has been sent to each of the 2 winners of the DCTO SDCC TOYQUBE Colourway 'Ghost'
Check your mail to see if you are one of the lucky winners.
The selected winners will have 48 hours to respond and collect their prize.
If they either choose to decline (which would be just silly) or don't respond within the time given, altenate name(s) will be drawn.

Thanks to everyone who partisapated in the contest and making the launch of DCTO a success. There many more up coming events and giveaways in the works, so if you didn't win this time there will be plenty of chances in the near future.

Dream Big!

Quick Shot!

DCTO: Jibun Project Toy fo the Week!!!!

Just wanted to send out a quick shot to let you guys know the DCTO select as the toy of the week on Vinyl Pulse. Big thanks to Jack and Francine for the nod.



'Ghost' Winners in a minute...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The dust has settled...

It's 1 week since SDCC ended and well I have to tell you that recovery has been slow. 4 days of straight talking over the madd crowd took it toll on my voice. But dispite that, SDCC’07 was amazing. I had a great time meeting all of you who were able to make it out. Did a lot of signing. I wish I had a lot of picture to show but my camera broke just after I got on the flight down. I had to depend on the generosity others and so I'm waiting for images to be e-mailed. I’ll go through the images and picking out a few good ones to show. Can't wait for the SDCC'08!

Shouts and big love to the Keith, and all the Toy Qube gang for having me at the booth, John and Amy, Carlos, Toyin, BEN, Brandt and Kathie, Klim and Scott, Mr. Jude, Sam Fout, Kozik, Steven Daily, Cameron, Tiede, MAD, Jesse Hernandez, Jermaine (Keep those hands clean kidd) Marka, Andrew Bell, Angry Woebot, Eric So, Mr Gooding, Kim, Simon, Luke, Kirby and Whitney, Dustin, Justin, Ada and Angie, Jester, Jack Huang and Pokéfriend, Matthew Crouch, Maria Kwnog, Jack and Francine, Dana Harvey, Yves, Tragnark, Don Kratzer, Robert Mamonluk, Leecifer, Blake, and anyone else I forgot please feel free to remind me as some of it is still a blur...

I Did manage to remember to bring back a blank DCTO full of Sigs.

In the next post I will announce the 2 winners of the CHOCOALTE SOOP mailing list giveaway. Tomorrow 2 signed copies of the SDCC Toy Qube exclusive colourway 'Ghost' will be given away.

See you then...


PS. Puffy comments will not increase your chances of winning, but they will make me feel good...