Friday, August 10, 2007


Fred Lo of CANADA and Alice Matthews of AUSTRALIA

to the 2 winners of the DCTO SDCC'07 Toy Qube colourway 'Ghost'

A big thanks to everyone that signed up for the giveaway. There are a lot more contests coming in the near future. So stay tuned CHOCOLATIERS. New uber limit custom colourways, new paint designs, collaboratins, prints, and lots more Chocolaty Zensations...

Back at you soon



Anonymous said...

Dear Dacosta,

Thank you VERY much for the Ghost DCTO. I am amazed by the design & beauty that is DCTO. With DCTO's help, I will Dream Big. I look forward to your future projects.

All the very best, Fred

alchops said...

WOW I cannot believe I won!! I NEVER win anything so thank you so so so much Dacosta. It is an absolutely beautiful piece and I am waiting with baited breath to receive it.

Thanks once again and keep up the fabulous work. Hopefully one year I will be able to make it over SDCC and say thanks in person!!

Alice xxx


Fred, Alice,

You are very welcome. Enjoy the piece. Alice, I guess you are officially the very first person in Australia to own a DCTO, let alone a 'Ghost'. Both of you, please let me know when you fill in the first eye.

What's next you ask? Lots and plenty...


choper nawers said...

Man your work is just great...i would love to have one of those toys on my desk..LOL!
best and keep up the good got a new fan...!


Wow! Thanks Christopher,

That means alot coming from a fellow illustrator.
My online shop will be open very soon, so you can get a DCTO direct from me if you like.



alchops said...

Ooh I has a package arrive this morning which I believe to be my DCTO but I didn't have a chance to open it!

I will let you know tonight!

I am thrilled to be the first person in Aus to get their grubby hands on a 'Ghost' and I'm going to be completing my set while out dollar is so strong hehe :)