Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 Days to the Vancouver DCTO Release Event…

Wow! Time is just flying as the BIG day approaches. So many little details to think about, arranging all the elements so that they all come together a same point and time in space.

Here is the first shot of the Ghost getting its glow on.

I just thought I’d give out some info for those coming out Friday. Everyone in attendance can enter the draw for 3 chances to win one of the regular colourways: Temple Red, Emperor’s Yellow, Sumi-e Black. Additionally, each purchase of a DCTO figure will be entered in another draw in which 2 people will win 1 of the 2 rare colourways, Stone Garden Grey and Sakura Pink (GID). And of course, the RSVP draw for the SDCC07 'Ghost' exclusive colourway.

So come on out and get in on the fun.



Jarome said...

Congrats on a great release event! It was great to see you and Tomoko and the DCTO in real life 3D, it turned out awesome!

See you soon.


Jarome: Cheers sir. It was good to see you out. Yeah DCTO in the real is good and very satisfying to have completed. Glad you like.


Mike Fly said...

Indeed - congratz on the launch as well.

I feel bad for winning 2 draws, but on the other hand, I feel awesome about how my sweet collection looks!

Now, I've got to ask... How do I snag one of these ghosts?


mike fly: Thank you. Don't feel bad about winning. I'll just keep working on new design for you to add to your collection.

I'll have a few 'Ghost' for sale on my site. And don't forget there is the draw for 2 'Ghost' if your luck hold you might win one of them.