Monday, November 26, 2007

A Little Dacosta TV...

Make sure to check the site tomorrow morning for the 2010 Mascot reveal.
Update: 2010 Mascots revealed
CONGRATS to Meomi Design on a great job. 



Mike Fly said...

Are you going to post your submissions for the mascots?

I'd really like to see them1


Hey Mike,

The submittions for the mascot design were actually based on the designers portfolio not a character design. Studio(s)/designer(s) were selected based on their skill set and experience.

The 114 applicants (proponents) were than short listed and interviewed. An artist(s) or team(s) were selected from those interview to work with VANOC to develop the mascot(s).

One of my ideas was interestingly enough a Sasquatch type character. I'll be posting my ideas in bit. I have to finish the renders and the story line. Since I wasn't selected, my design isn't limited by any real requirements so will reflect an "unlimited expression of my initial concept. I hope to have it ready at some point in January after the Money Grip show. January 8th at My Plastic Heart in NYC.

Cheers Dacosta