Friday, June 04, 2010

WOW it's been a minute...

Couple of things to update for those that haven't been following me on Twitter.

My piece from the Sketchbot show has sold. Yea me! Thanks very much to the person who bought it.
It was one of my favourite pieces to work on and I think one of my best customs to date. I think it stood out from the crowd because it zigged when others zagged. It's hard to not work in a chocolate theme when the figure screams out "Dip me in cocoa!" so I did.Here's an image of the final piece.

Next is the Thought Processor Show The NYC series currently on display at MPH The show runs from May 21 - June 21, 2010. A super talented group of artists displayed their skillz on Phoneticcontrol's paper toy chassis. My piece was based on the My MMARTIN™ robot project that I've been working on for while now and has become somewhat of a monster waiting to drop. Now that the economy seems to be getting some wind back in it's sails, the project is back on track and even received some favorable attention from one of the big game publishers. That nod has given me an even bigger boost to push forward with getting this idea out in the world. If you want a one off first expression of a soon to be unveiled vision of the future, then claim this one for your collection before someone else does. (I'm just sayin')
The ModNation Racers game is out in full force. I loved working with the team and am honoured to have been able to contribute to the experience. I dropped by the UFG studio the other day and found a giant standy of 'Tag' I guess you could call him the front man for the game. I really get a kick out of seeing my work in the real world.

So what's next? Well I can't tell you just yet, that would spoil the surprise. What I will say is that there are things in the works to 'Spark' the imagination. Ninjas, robots and things made of paper on the way... ^____^

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