Saturday, April 04, 2009

DCTO Chibi Charms...

Hey Guys, This is a long overdue update on the SOOP projects.

A lot of people have been asking about the small versions of DCTO and when they are coming out. Well... The DCTO "Chibi Charms" are on there way. I've teamed up with Adfunture to produce the 8cm/3inch pieces. Below is a photo of the prototype in front of the OG version.
This project will be a collaboration. I fired off 9 emails and got 9 "I'm downs with the Chibi project" back. The 10 luck colour artist series line is: Dacosta! (me), Cameron, MAD, Charuca, Touma, leo Espinosa, Julie West, Itokin Park, Jesse Hernandez and Bulpa.
Each designer worked their special brand of magic and I can't to see them out there.

Back shortly with another update...



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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to these quite a bit!